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you imagine
becomes reality!


You can use our GLAFIE
App feature to try on any eyewear
products such as glasses and sunglasses.

Without going to a store, see how it suits you just like looking at a mirror! It's untact AR app

The real-time full 3D rendering

Untact world!

Glasses and sunglasses, hats, accessories, etc.
All items are updated

Realistic Real-Time
Virtual Fitting

AI based face recognition technology

Identify the facial features in real time

It's as if you're looking in the mirror

Here are some hot new things.

Anytime, anywhere, feel free to try it comfortably

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Sophisticated 3D graphics with vivid details

Imagineers team makes every detail, even small parts details, realistic in 3D Graphic


Turn it 360 degrees

And zoom in

And feel it

We need your help!
We need your imagination
Please suggest by email (
the products you usually wondered.
eyewears, fashion items, even space suit
​no problem!

We make it a reality!

We welcome brands that collaborate together

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